Camp Dates
July 16 - July 22, 2017
Murray Kentucky

Contact Us
Dawn Schwartz
4207 Woodmont Park Ln
Louisville, KY 40245

Stew Shacklette
Troy & Dawn Schwartz




























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About Us

The Kentucky Dance Institute promotes folk dancing in a family atmosphere to help dance leaders to teach, dancers to learn, with fun for everyone of all ages. We provide a wide range of ethnic dances at each annual camp. Over the years we have enjoyed Israeli, Mexican, Scottish, Hungarian, Turkish, Squares, Clogging, English Country and countless other International dances. This years camp includes: Scottish, English Country, Ballroom & Swing, International & Squares.

KDI is FUN for all ages!
KDI focuses on ensuring everyone has a relaxed, enjoyable time. We encourage children and adults of all ages to dance. Every year the camp is filled with dancers ranging in ages from 0 to 95.

Professional Dance Instruction
Our teachers have over a hundred years of combined teaching experience. Our wide range of dances provide a wonderful and engaging experience for the beginner as well as the seasoned dancer.

Beautiful Location
KDI offers a six day private camp located on the rustic campus of Murray State University. Murray, nestled in the land between the lakes in western Kentucky, offers southern hospitality and a beautiful historic campus.

Camp Includes
An average of 6 Hours of dance instruction options each day
An additional 2 to 3 hours of evening dances available
17 Full Meals
Evening Games
Dance Syllabus